Most sportsmen have a large reputation to uplift due to their special talent. Some excel in what they do best and fulfil their position with tremendous skill. However, several sportsmen deal with things outside the sports world in a negative way. These sorts of ups and downs are displayed between a few sportsmen:
Luis Suarez- a true superhero to his team and fans has proved his worthy of being one the most outstanding players in Liverpool.  Through an exhilarating game against West Brom, Suarez took initiative accompanied by his team mates and scored a superb hat-trick. He thrived throughout the game and displayed his
experience in the team. Suarez is currently the highest goal scorer in the English Premier League with a tunning 21 goals to his name. 

Lionel Messi- one of the world’s best and most influential football players on the planet has recently not been up to scratch. In Barcelona’s past two games against FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, they have been lacking their usual fast motioned play and superb finishing touches. They attained enough possession throughout the two matches posing threats at either side but did not have their full concentration and  
structure to score goals as they usually did. Soccer is a team performance, and the team cannot only rely
on Messi to score as he needs the whole team’s support. But even though Barcelona fans have been let down recently, I will  not be surprised when they gain their focus and start showing off their skills again.

Ronaldo- a phenomenal soccer player with unbelievable skills displayed his full potential against Manchester united on the 5th of March. He scored the winning goal of the match placing Real Madrid in the next round of
the UEFA champion’s league. One would say he is an all-star footballer with exceptional skills, calm under pressure and loves a challenge.

Oscar Pistorious- Commonly referred to as the ‘’Blade Runner”. He has accomplished a few milestones for himself being a South African athlete over the past couple of years. However, he had destroyed his career by allegedly shooting his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp four times as he claims that she was a burglar. 

Wayne Parnell- 26 year old South African cricket player, having played only 3 tests, 27 one days and 17 T20 cricket for SA is faced with drug charges says Sports24. It is said that Parnell and Sharma had attended a drug infested party during the IPL in mid-May last year.

Elton Jantjies- A former rugby player of the Lions but now that they have been relegated, he joined the mighty Stormers side in 2013. He shows great passion for the game but has made a few silly mistakes in the first two
matches wearing the blue jersey. Alistair Coetzee stated that it is just a matter of time after Elton would be “kicking those three pointers for us.”

3/16/2013 15:59:04

Are there any true modern day role models in the sporting arena ? Or do we mainly have a bunch of highly overpaid sterotypes who max out the commercial value of their natural born talent ?

3/16/2013 16:11:36

Hi Yuri
I fully agree with your view. Some guys get paid millions to drive in circle for 78 laps, while some guys get paid millions for hitting a rubber ball 72 times. What real value does this add to the rest of us ?

3/18/2013 22:24:51

Very well formulated blog, "Sports do not build character. They reveal it", which is reflected in the content.... :)


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