Thomas Muller breaking Barca's defence with an astonishing header defeating Victor Valdes. Photo: Getty Images
Bayern Munich have belittled one of the best Spanish clubs: Barcelona. The German specialists played a fast paced game; attacking and defending all the time. They showed tremendous efforts and played to win. Bayern won Barcelona in the first leg and humiliated them in the second leg. Bayern portrayed an extreme threat to the Spaniards in both games. In the second leg, it was inevitable to see that Bayern was the better side.

Arjen Robben threatened Barcelona’s defence in the
13th minute, but was rejected by Pique’s goal saving tackle. It was
only 6 minutes later when the Spanish centre back had flicked the ball away
from Phillip Lahm, before Manuel Neuer needed to be weary of Pedro’s long range
shot and pushed it over the crossbar with great confidence. However, Xavi
received a simply placed ball but was widely off target.

Bayern looked comfortable on the field against Barca’s hopeful attacks. The German
spectators were raging and screaming in support of their team. However, the
Spanish crowd were quiet when Robben received a perfectly curled cross from
David Alaba. Robben took advantage of the amazing ball and skilfully went past
Adriano before he precisely knocked the ball past Victor Valdes. This made Barca
now need 6 goals in order to qualify for the final. With Messi still sitting on
the bench, fans were disappointed as he is the key to Barca’s attacking

The level confidence by the Germans was on a high, they knocked
the ball around Barca with ease. They received much support from their fans and
were looking extra cool on the field. Barca tried to get their head in the game
by sometimes breaking through the defense of Bayern. However, they lacked the
composer of finishing touches and unfortunately, could not score some goals.
While everything was going in the wrong direction for Barca, Pique unfortunately
lost control of the ball in the air and scores an own goal. This gave Bayern the
lead of 6-0 on aggregate and left Barca feeling hopeless in coming back from
this large margin. To top up the Germans being on form, Thomas Muller headed the
ball in the back of the net to increase the lead by 7-0. 
This amazing performance by Bayern resulted in them to make their third appearance in
the final within four seasons. They were defeated by Chelsea last season, Inter
Milan in 2010 and are on great form in the Bundesliga, Champions League and German Cup.

Borussia Dortmund has successfully reached the final after a close win over Real Madrid, 4-3 on aggregate, on Tuesday.


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