Much uproar has been brought about Barcelona and how they seem to be playing recently. The world champions had lost three out of their last five matches. In the first leg between Barcelona and AC Milan, Barcelona was left astonished by their loss to AC Milan at San Siro as they found themselves in a
tricky situation losing dismally by 2-0. In their first leg Milan’s defence were flawless as Barcelona kept trying to attack. No space was left open for Barcelona to benefit from their opportunities they were given to
score on two occasions. The Italian’s defence kept an eye out for Messi and Xavi as they were incapable of breaking through Milan’s defence to score at least one goal. This led to a striking uproar concerning Barcelona and their fans. It showed that Messi can be beaten if his not producing his usual outstanding

Barcelona finally found their feet after they met up with AC
Milan in the second leg at Camp Nou and put on a classical Barcelona display.
They made history that game as Barcelona was the first team to ever
come back from a 2-0 deficit and claim a 4-0 win over AC Milan in the Champions
League. Xavi Hernandez stated after the game that the only thing the team was
missing after their two champion leagues was an historical

The little magician scored an awkward yet precise curler in the
fifth minute of the match, rattling the stadium as the Barcelona fans went
bizarre. This goal gave hope to the Spaniards as they found themselves
desperate for a win. But the Italians knew that if they score one away goal
then they back in business. Even though Barcelona defence held strong and their
overall performance was exhilarating there were still a few shots pounded at
Victor Valdes, but nothing major as the counter attack from Stephan El
Shaarawy, Kevin-Prince Boateng and M'Baye Niang was not as deadly compared to
the first leg. Niang almost scored a goal that would have been a game changer,
but unfortunately the ball just went past Victor Valdes and hit the post. Just
a few minutes later before half time, Messi scored another stunner which led
the Italians heads hanging as it was currently 2-2 on aggregate. 

Soon after half time David Villa came bursting through for a
lovely ball from Xavi who had broken Milan’s defence in style. Villa then
provided a solid finish as he banged it through the posts leaving Christian
Abbiati helpless.

The game was then sealed by Jordi Alba who ran the full distance
in stoppage time to display an amazing Barcelona finish as Alexander Sanchez
crossed the ball comfortably into Alba’s feet.

3/15/2013 02:33:46

I disagree with you; that goal from messi was not awkward. It was pure genius.

3/15/2013 16:19:17

It only seemed awkward as Messi magically booted the ball between two Italians.

3/15/2013 17:28:47

As Gary Player put it : "The better you play, the more luckier you become"


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