The Sonny Bill Williams v.s Francois Botha in a heavyweight competition. Photo: Getty Images.
Sonny Bill Williams- not only is he a talented rugby player who won the Rugby World Cup with New Zealand in 2011 or the Chiefs when they won the Super Rugby competition in 2012. However he first started a
boxing career before playing rugby. He recently showed his boxing ability in Brisbane when he took on Franscois Botha also known as the ‘’White Buffalo” from South Africa, who was a past master with 61
fights to his name.
  It was an intense fight  between the two men due to the first 6 rounds being in Williams favour as he
  had dominated Botha by handing hard and fast flowing punches, but Botha did not
  seem to be heavily impacted. However, towards the last few rounds Williams was
  fatigued and Botha had him by the neck. Surprisingly after the 10 rounds there
  were no knockout blows or tap outs and the judges had made the final decision 
  to announce that SBW was the winner of the WBA International heavyweight title
  bout. Due to the match only being 10 rounds instead of 12 there were some
  controversial issues which aroused. Both boxers put up a captivating fight and
  outcries were heard from the crowd. Botha was not satisfied with the fight
  though and is looking for a rematch as he was appalled by the match being
  reduced from 12 to 10 rounds. 

Currently the 108kg New Zealand centre had transitioned his position from centre to play in the second row as a lock for the Sydney Roosters. Williams suggests that he finds it hard being in the forward pack as
  much more physicality and consistency in speed is needed but he knows that after time he will get used to it. He states: "I am just trying to do the basics well and concentrate on my preparation, rather than on what's going on outside of the field." This shows that he is willing to commit and put an
enormous amount of effort into being a significant part of the eight pack. 
Sydney Roosters is currently in 12th position in the Australian National Rugby League, after one loss. The first match of the season for the Sydney Roosters was quite a ruthless encounter as they collapsed to a  28-0 loss to their rivals, Rabbitohs. Even though Sonny Bill Williams started on the bench, he scored a desirable try for the Roosters as they were facing a hard loss. It is said that Williams will start in the next match against the Warriors.

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